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Pamela Sithole

Founder + Director
Kept Hearing

07399 201171

Pamela Sithole

The Founder and Director, Pamela has over 20 years experience working for both the NHS and the private sector. She is an expert in aural health, auditory processing disorders and Tinnitus. She prides herself in providing comprehensive diagnostic assessments and advising on the latest hearing aids technology tailored to meet the needs of persons with hearing impairment.

Prior to setting up her own practice, she held a number of leadership positions in reputable institutions, where she gained a special interest in evidence-based practice particularly in the area of hearing aid fitting verification and assistive listening devices.

She has also held several leadership roles in both the NHS and the private sector in the UK and abroad. Some of the roles include running an Audiology led ENT clinic, heading an audiology paediatric department, setting up new services and clinics.

Pamela Sithole
Founder & Director

Her passion for aiding people with hearing impairment led her to taking up teaching and training positions in a few academic institutions where she imparted her knowledge and skills to aspiring Audiologists. Pamela also went on to acquire a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with the University of Edinburg.

Undoubtedly, her collective experience in the field coupled with her academic qualifications has led her to be amongst the trusted Audiologists in the area.


Kept Hearing is an independent, mobile hearing specialist clinic. We offer microsuction wax removal, diagnostic hearing assessments, tinnitus assessment and management.

Wax Removal

  • Tired of getting your ears syringed?

  • Do you find ear syringing painful or uncomfortable?

  • Do you have a perforated ear drum or previous ear surgery?

  • Do you have narrow ear canals?

Then microsuction is the answer for you.

Microsuction is a safe, syringe free and pain free wax removal method using a microscope. We offer a before and after pictures of your ear on request.

Tinnitus Assessments

Our Tinnitus assessment is done over two appointments of one hour each, we offer a fully battery test, this includes a conventional hearing test, tinnitus tests, tinnitus questionnaire. We offer a full written report and recommendations.

Hearing Assessments
Our Audiologist is also experienced in testing the difficult to test population i.e. patients with dementia, learning difficulty etc. We also offer domiciliary service for house bound patients.The appointment is usually an hour, the procedure includes taking of medical history, an otoscopic examination of the ear canal, pure tone audiometry, explanation of test results and recommendations.

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