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Justyna Matejek

Sound Bath + Dance of Awareness Facilitator

07429 103898

Justyna Matejek

Justyna Matejek is a Soundbath and Dance of Awareness Facilitator based in Colchester


Sound Bath is not only a sound meditation with all its benefits to the mind and the body, but it is also an experience that awakens and connects us to our creative selves.

I pay attention to the flow of the energy and treat the sound journey like a harmonious symphony of healing sounds. No sudden change, or abrupt intensity...just simply flowing alongside the sounds...

Arrive, settle in, and simply be...carried by the healing sounds...

Dance of Awareness is a dance and movement group work/practice, music lead (I always prepare great playlists!) where you will have the opportunity to connect with your body through 6 phases: Sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting, and completing. Each of these phases responds to our sense of self and how we relate to others and to the world. The DoA cycle follows an energetic wave, where we start from sensing and end on completing, but there is a space for flow and rhythm in between. DoA encourages us to connect with others and through these connections, we learn about ourselves. The phases of DoA underpin developmental psychology and psychoanalysis theory, which makes it a space for self-development and self-understanding through in-depth exploration. We dance, move, and explore, we develop self-awareness, but most importantly we dance and move and get back to our body, and our true nature which can be deeply appreciated.

I will lead and guide you gently and sensitively, with my empathy, therapeutic presence, experience, and knowledge.

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