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Parashakti – The Highest Energy with Srina at The Tree Room

Parashakti Yoga meaning ‘highest energy’ in Sanskrit.

Parashakti yoga aims to provide the local community with energizing classes in traditional hatha yoga. The teaching style is influenced by the teachings and spirit of the Sivananda lineage. Each class places emphasis on breathing techniques (pranayama), the 12 basic physical postures (asanas) and proper relaxation.

Srina began learning yoga over 7 years ago, shortly after moving overseas for work. While living and working abroad was a great adventure, the change in lifestyle was also stressful and lead to poor sleep patterns. In her quest to cure this insomnia, a friend suggested trying yoga.

Srina still remembers feeling final relaxation at the end of that very first class - a wave of calm washed over her entire body - hooked ever since! Yoga not only helps to provide a good night’s sleep, it does so much more, quietly impacting on many aspects of life. Yoga helps to overcome restlessness, to bring a balance and renewed levels of energy. It helps with focus, keeping positive in difficult situations, and improves general fitness and well-being.

A common misconception is that yoga is only a form of exercise. The term Yoga stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Yog’, meaning ‘union’. The ancient sages developed yoga as a kind of ‘toolkit’ to help channel their focus inwards as part of their enquiry into the true nature of existence. Many practitioners interpret yoga as union of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as finding harmony with each other and our surroundings. In this sense it really can become a comprehensive way of living. The yoga mat is a great place to start, but it’s only the beginning!

Srina was inspired to guide others to find the complete sense of bliss she felt in her very first class. Whatever your reason for embarking on yoga practice, whether it is to improve strength and flexibility, increase energy levels, connect spiritually, or simply have fun and try something new, her goal is to help you to discover how yoga can help.

Classes are to resume on the 17th May. Srina's classes take place on Tuesdays (17.00-18.00) and Thursdays (9.15-10.15) at The Tree Room.

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