Regular Classes

Our regular instructors provide a range of classes in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance and movement. Various Yoga styles are taught at The Tree Room for all different stages of life and levels of fitness. We also offer wonderful sound baths, a truly magical relaxing experience which can be of benefit to anyone!

.Please talk to the instructors directly in respect of prices and booking requirements, as well as any medical conditions

or physical injuries you may have so they can advise accordingly.


Plants and Leaves

Sound Baths and Sound Healing

Singing Bowls and gongs for deep relaxation

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Yoga Teacher

All different styles to suit all different levels and stages of life

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Wild Kula Yoga Classes


Yoga Teacher

Gentle classes for Wellbeing aged 60+ 


Intuitive Yoga Flow (Body, Mind, Breath) and Yin Yoga

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Sound and Energy Healing

Yoga Teacher

Lemuria Sounds

Claire Boucher
Yoga Teacher




10.00-11.30 Yoga with Laraine 07531 813979   

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11.45-12.45 Dance and Movement for Well- being (aged 60+) with Lucy 07841 117689


13.30-14.30 Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) with Miriam 07706 746750

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18:30-19:30 Vinyasa yoga with Amber 07487 773611

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17.00-18-00 Beginners Yoga with Srina 07835 730593

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18.15-19.15 Re Start Yoga Flow with Jo 07973 641972

19.30-21.00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Darryl 07867 506059

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10.00-11.30 Gentle Yoga with Elaine 07866 808739

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18.30-19.30 Vinyasa Style Yoga with Melissa  07765 446952

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10.30-12.00 Yoga with Elaine 07866 808739

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12.30-13.30 Chair Yoga with Elaine 07866 808739

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18.00-19.00 Mind-breath-body flow with Claire 07310 105920 

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19.15-20.15 Yin Yoga with Claire 07310 105920 

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20.30-21.30 Men's Yoga with Shane 07805 298630

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18.30-19.30 Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) with Miriam 07706 746750

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9.30-10.30 Beginners Himalayan Hatha Yoga with Paula 07425 873852



10.00-11.30 Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Laura 07944 485103

Monthly Sound Baths 

with Justyna email to book

with Nicola 07863 655600 or Book Here

with Stara-Fay 07948 241933 or Book Here


All our group classes and workshops are taught in the beautiful tranquil Tree Room studio conveniently situated in the centre of Colchester Town by fully qualified, experienced and insured Teachers

We are a Covid Safe Space and take every measure to ensure your safety and well-being