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Yoga Teacher Training

Heidi Pascual is a familiar face at The Tree Room, leading her popular yoga classes and workshops for some years now. Her hugely loyal students have benefited from her thoughtful, thorough teaching style to the point where many wanted to deepen their practice or even become teachers themselves. So Heidi started her in-depth Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training courses, and a new course is enrolling now for a June start.

Heidi says, “Becoming a yoga teacher is an incredible journey of discovery. This course will enable you to gain the knowledge, insight and skills to grow into a confident, creative, inspiring yoga teacher. You will learn to teach classical asana with precision and creativity, authentically inspired by yogic traditions, in resonance with the heart of yoga.

“You will learn precise alignment of classical asana and Sanskrit terms. You will explore the harmony of form and flow, dynamic flow to peak pose and creative sequencing, infused with mudra, music, poetry and prose. You will learn how to weave yoga philosophy, traditional texts and mythology into choreography, infusing contemporary vinyasa with ancient insight. You will deepen and develop your daily sadhana, embodying the heart and wisdom of yoga. This unique yoga alchemy will empower you to develop an authentic voice and style that defines you as a yoga teacher.

“Additionally, you will experience guest teachers in anatomy and physiology relative to teaching yoga; a detailed exploration of esoteric anatomy, yoga philosophy and traditional texts; develop voice techniques and authentic expression; learn Sanskrit chants and kirtan and develop the visionary business and marketing skills necessary to build a successful career as a yoga teacher.”

Student Jo Coldwell, who is taking Heidi’s current teacher training course, has the following to say,

“Heidi and I met in Castle Park. She was a new teacher to Colchester wanting to promote her classes at the Colchester Free Festival. She was dressed in Lycra and I was dressed as a pirate - doing something or other for the Festival. It was a fortuitous meeting and started me on my Lotus Love Yoga adventure.

“Before moving to Colchester, I had practiced yoga in London but after Heidi’s very concise and clear teaching I soon regarded her as my first, ‘proper’ teacher and have practiced with her regularly as well as attended many of her retreats.

“I had never considered being a teacher of yoga myself but Heidi showed me that deepening your practice comes through deepening your knowledge and doesn’t need an outcome. I signed up for Teacher Training...and absolutely love it. It is proving to be a wonderful learning experience.

“Heidi has a reputation for dedication and authenticity – and also attention to detail. Her research and understanding of any subject is thorough and thoughtful and this is evident in the course she has written which is fascinating and confident. It flows beautifully, with clear instruction. I have particularly appreciated the clever techniques Heidi has given us for reinforcing our learning along the way.

“The other students are fantastic, coming from different backgrounds - some are already practicing teachers while others are at the beginning of their yoga journey – we have made our own little ‘yoga family’, all very supportive of each other with book sharing and tea making – classes have a great atmosphere!

“Heidi’s teaching is inspirational but always accessible and her personal support is full and nurturing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!”

Think it might be for you? Details below:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training 13th June 2020 – 15th May 2021

£2,800 including course tuition, course manual and retreat to Norfolk

£500 non-refundable deposit is paid at the time of booking

Twelve monthly payments of £195

Contact Heidi Pascual at to express your interest or go to: for more information.

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