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10 Ways Yoga Improves Your Health

We offer many different yoga classes here at The Tree Room. You may wonder what benefits this brings to your mind and body. Here are just ten of the many benefits...

1. Yoga Improves Flexibility

The most obvious benefit of yoga is how it increases flexibility in the joints and muscles. If you consistently practice yoga, your body will become more flexible. This has many health benefits as it strengthens your muscles, improves posture, and reduces the chance of any muscle or joint injury.

2. Yoga Improves Posture

Poor posture can be the root of many problems such as fatigue, spinal conditions, and other muscle/joint problems. Yoga helps to straighten the spine and strengthen spinal muscles. Your spinal health improves.

3. Yoga Improves Blood Flow

Yoga gets your blood pumping. It improves circulation, getting more oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This can help with any swelling problems, heart problems and kidney problems. Good blood flow reduces the risk of heart attacks/strokes.

4. Yoga Increases Heart Rate

Yoga is a form of exercise. It gets you in to your aerobic exercise state, improving your general fitness. It will decrease your resting heart rate, increase endurance, and maximise your oxygen uptake during exercise.

5. Yoga Improves Mood

Studies show that yoga helps to increase serotonin levels and decrease monoamine oxidase and cortisol levels – essentially, you feel happier.

6. Yoga Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga lowers your ‘bad’ cholesterol and boosts your ‘good’ cholesterol. This is great for people who suffer with diabetes. It also decreases the chance of heart attacks and kidney failure.

7. Yoga Improves Focus

Regular yoga improves co-ordination, reaction time and memory. Yoga encourages you to keep distracting thoughts away and focus on your breath, body, or posture. Studies show this process translates beyond yoga when you perform mental tasks or day-to-day activities.

8. Yoga Improves Balance

Yoga increases proprioception which is the ability to feel what your body is doing. This ultimately improves balance. Yoga engages muscles and builds strength through movement – the best way to improve balance. Better balance means fewer falls!

9. Yoga Improves Sleep

Yoga provides you with a time out. It helps you relax and focus on the moment and your body. Yoga encourages mindfulness, relaxation, and breathing awareness/regulation which all helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

10. Yoga Eases Pain

For anyone suffering a disease causing fatigue, for example, arthritis, back pain etc, yoga is a great way to ease any discomfort you have. Through stretching and relaxing muscles, your pain should ease.

With all that being said, be sure to check out our regular class timetable which includes yoga classes.

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