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Meditation at The Tree Room

We often tend to use the word meditate when we mean thinking, and we may associate it with a spiritual practice, but meditation is simply the technique of resting the mind. The foundation for all the methods of meditation is the awareness of breathing that helps in attaining the concentration of the mind leading to total peace, but it can be practiced in many different ways. The Tree Room is currently offering some of the options: See which appeals to you:

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a practise which dates back millennia, the benefits of which are still being keenly studied today. It is a practise as simple as becoming sufficiently present to notice consciously, for example, one breath; and yet potentially so elusive that we may go through a whole day or even longer without taking pause to do so.

At The Tree Room Jonathan provides meditation sessions as a means of exploring all things mindful. From gentle movement to bring awareness to the body, to still, traditional seated mediation; from talking and listening mindfully, to being in quiet fascination with our senses. The session is available to drop into as frequently or infrequently as you like and is open to complete beginners as well as those familiar and experienced with the practise.

Mindfulness Meditation with Jonathan: Mondays at 6:45pm.

Active Consciousness Meditation

Concentration of mind is the primary requirement for Active Consciousness Meditation. Otherwise known as Ananda Mandala, this is a very powerful Indian fast rhythmic meditation used by yogis to clear the chakras. ‘Ananda’ means bliss and ‘Mandala’ means circle. Practitioners say the process of this breath work cleanses the energy channels and washes out hidden emotions, blockages and old hurts. For some this practise can be very intense, raising levels of consciousness, resulting in a feeling of bliss, wholeness and connection.

Denise offers active consciousness meditation at The Tree Room and says if you struggle to sit still during mindfulness meditation, this may be a great alternative. You don't need any experience at all, just an open mind and heart to try out a wild ride!

Active Consciousness Meditation with Denise: Wednesdays at 6pm: Book here.

Meditation for Inner Peace

Ian offers workshops which ready the body for meditation with yoga nidra, which translates to yogic sleep - the state of consciousness between being awake and asleep. The body becomes completely relaxed, facilitated by a guided verbal relaxation. As the body relaxes the senses become less sensitive and the body and mind will be ready for meditation.

The meditation then focuses on awareness of the natural breath, which keeps us grounded in the reality of the body. It strengthens our conscious mind, leading to greater cognitive control and emotional resilience and it cultivates awareness of the subconscious mind where our thoughts, feelings, reactions and behavioural tendencies originate. This meditation creates the opportunity for an increased sense of self-awareness which many feel brings clarity of thought.

Meditation for Inner Peace with Ian: January 12th, 2020.

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