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Mary Attwood: A safe space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings.

I had been working for the NHS for about 10yrs when I found that I was the "go to" person if anyone had a problem or issue. It was almost like being an agony aunt. I quite enjoyed helping other people.

One day, someone mentioned that I was should be a counsellor as I was good at listening to others. I was in my early 30's and I felt I was too old to learn new things and I was not sure where I would find the time with a full time job and family to look after, let alone where to start looking for courses that would suit my lifestyle.

I had held on to that thought for a few years and it was when holidaying in Egypt I came across a lady who informed me that she took an introductory course and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort to look for a course once I got back home.

I booked the introductory course and it was everything I expected and so much more. I'd grown a thirst for the knowledge and as soon as the course ended, I booked on to the Level 2 course which then led onto Level 3 and my Diploma Level 4.

During my training, I had to have personal therapy as part of my diploma, and this is something that all counsellors have to partake in. It enables us to sort out our issues, so it doesn't prevent us from helping our clients.

Counselling is a talking therapy and it allows the client to talk about their problems or feelings in a safe and confidential environment. Counsellors are trained to listen with empathy, in other words, putting themselves in the client’s shoes. Counselling can help you to deal with negative thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing. It helps you to deal with and overcome any issues that causes emotional pain, or which makes you feel uncomfortable. It provides a safe space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings and allows you to understand and find insight to your problems.

Many clients find that having someone who will listen to them without any judgements or prejudices is a benefit, particularly when they feel they can't confide in their family or friends.

They benefit from having validation that they are not going crazy and that there is a reason they are struggling with life and its challenges.

For more information on services available, follow the link - Purple Emperor Therapy Services - Counselling and Psychotherapy

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