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5 Things You May Not Know We Do at The Tree Room

What happens at The Tree Room? Well, there’s yoga… oh, yoga… I think they do some yoga… While we may be well-known for our range of yoga classes and programme of wellbeing workshops, you may not know about some of the other activities and events that take place in our beautiful rooms – and there’s more variety than you may think:

Jewellery Making

Yes! Really! Two of our lovely practitioners have super skills in making jewellery, particularly with beautiful crystals that some believe have healing and restorative properties. Laura Horne of Beautiful Boho and Julie Rowe both offer workshops where you can learn about the respective qualities of crystals and choose your favourite to fashion into a piece of wearable therapy! Tons of fun and a brilliant idea for a gift - what nicer way to share some quality time with your mum or your bestie.


Starting in September, Naomi Palman-Titchener of Purple Lady Personal Training is joining The Tree Room family and will be running Pilates classes, something we haven’t had at the Tree Room for a while. Pilates has had a real resurgence recently and that’s because it offers so many benefits – posture, body alignment and core strength. We think it’s ready for a whole new loyal following!

Huddle (Feminist Group)

The Tree Room is the perfect meeting space for groups, as the women from Huddle will tell you. Running monthly, the Women’s Huddle is part feminist workshop, tackling a different theme each time, and part support network, often incorporating a little movement or meditation, and always providing a safe, non-judgemental space to discuss the topics that matter. Shared food and a warm welcome await you at Huddle.


Helen Kempson is a qualified nutritional therapist who works out of the Tree Room and provides one-on-one consultations and food intolerance testing. She’s also offering a six-week online programme, supported by consultations and phone support, specifically on nutrition for brain health - topics covered include optimising gut health, stress, sleep, physical activity and brain training.

Over 60s

The Tree Room is proud to be as inclusive as possible and there are two classes in particular which may be of interest to our older clientele. On Mondays Lucy Teed runs a dance and movement for wellbeing session specifically aimed at the over 60s, and on a Thursday Zoe Smith teaches a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. It’s a great practise for everyone, as it promotes flexibility, strengthens muscles and deepens personal body awareness, but particularly suitable for those with chronic fatigue, ME, arthritis, MS or any other condition that reduces mobility.

How many were you aware of? Any you didn’t expect? Be sure to subscribe to The Tree Room newsletter (button at the bottom of the homepage) to keep up to date with the range of activities taking place.

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