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Talk to your therapist/practitioner in respect of prices and booking requirements, as well as any medical conditions or physical injuries you may have, or other therapies you are undertaking.

Painless Microsuction for Ear Wax

Perfect Skin (Advanced Beauty and Academy)

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Pamela Sithole

Mila Nadolna

Audiologist, Ear Wax Micro-suction (Alternative to painful syringing)

Aesthetic Practicioner 

Specialising in Dermal and lip fillers, Botox, non-surgical face lift, chemical peels, PRP, fat and cellulite dissolving injections, Mesotherapy, micro-needling for face and body and anti hair loss.

Advanced therapies offered include for: Hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne etc 

Laser treatment for removal of tattoo, skin capillaries, moles and skin tags.

Contact Mila on 07751 715669

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